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U-Drop-Inn Restaurant and service station (with art-deco tower): at the intersection with US-83, dating from 1936, an example of art-deco. Madden in the historic Reynolds Hotel (1925), gives a view on how life was here before. Continue straight on the southern frontage road at the intersection with CR-14/FM-2474. (details are a bit unclear, check locally) As with any dirt road: be careful! Continue straight on the southern frontage road at the intersection with 23rd Rd. It was part of the infamous "Jericho Gap", which was not bypassed till the late 1930's. Join I-40 at exit 132 when meeting Johnson Ranch Rd. Take exit 124, cross I-40 to the south side and continue 1 mile south to check the endings of both the Jericho-Alanreed and Groom-Jericho sections of the Jericho gap.

Econolodge (east) The Texan Route 66 Motel (west) At the west end of the city avoid entering I-40 and use the south frontage road. West of Alanreed, beyond the I-40 off-ramp, route 66 becomes unpaved for about 1 mile. Today most of what is left of the Jericho Gap is private property. It was more to the south and passing through a place called Rockledge. Follow FM-2161 (US-66) as it joins I-40 as the south frontage Road near exit 89.

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The southern frontage road becomes BL-40 near exit 164. Rattlesnake sign Continue straight on the southern frontage road at the intersection with CR-10. Make a right (=northwest) onto BL-40 (Old Route 66) into Mc Lean. To rejoin the south frontage road, 2 options are available: Some sources do not recommend this alignment when wet.

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Thousands of single people across Texas (TX, USA) are waiting to know about you. Com is more than just a local dating resource as we've got used to think of.If you ever need a mailing address for the corporate office for any company, look in the Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions. The website immediately asks you to identify yourself to instant photo matches, but you can click the Member Sign In link at the top of the page to sign in to your account without entering this information. You’ll need to fill out some general information, but the form does not ask for personal information.The email form for customer service is the only openly available means of contacting the company. The customer service center for is answered by an automated system with a lot of feedback and background noise.Continue straight at the intersection with CR-3/FM1443 near exit 148. (Mc Carty St.) at the intersection with County Line Rd./Mc Carty st. Please note that you cannot register with Christian without accepting this agreement. The Christian service (hereinafter "TCC") is a way for single adults (never married/divorced/widowed) to meet other single adults (never married/divorced/widowed) online.

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